Saturday, March 16, 2013

Add Contrast To Freshen Things Up!

I was tired of this hallway. Wouldn't you be? It's an ugly hallway. The walls were painted the faintest color of green you can imagine, the door is boring and that sconce? A bit dated. This super easy hallway facelift primarily involved paint, and not much of it! I did this entire project with 4 sample size paint colors from Home Depot that you can buy for less than $3 each! What a difference a little paint can make! 

Here are a few more of the before shots. (Sorry for some of the crazy angles, it was an awkward corner at the top of the stairs to take photos.)

And a few more "After" shots:

New light I made out of a $.50 wooden bowl from Salvation Army!

I white washed the door which gave it a great texture and used less paint.

In my next post I'll share all of my white-washing secrets! It's also the same finish I did on this antique chair.  It's amazing how much better a boring hallway can look with a little bit of paint! How do you like to add contrast to a boring space? Feel free to share in the comments!


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